Fabbrica dell'Aria - Adidas Store, Berlin

Fabbrica dell'Aria, Adidas Halo Store

Pnat has realized a site-specific installation of the Air Factory, the Adidas Berlin Halo Store.

Aiming to create an innovative and inspiring space and to promotes well-being, creativity and discussion in workplace, Adidas has chosen to use our revolutionary system of air purification through plants, the Air Factory. Thanks to the registered technology Stomata©, that amplifies plants’ ability to absorb and degrade both inorganic air pollutants (carbon dioxide, nitrogen compounds, fine dust …) and organic (the VOCs), the system provides pure air in indoor spaces in a truly sustainable way. In addition, the biophilic design and the massive presence of plants enhance environmental comfort, offering an ideal set for working acitivities and restorative breaks.

The installation at the Adidas headquarters in Berlin customized for the is about 25 m2 and defined some space, creating an ideal set bringing the psycophysical benefits generated by plants to a commercial space, favoring the customer’s well-being and empowered by cutting edge technology, the plants provide both physical and psychological benefits in an indoor store environment  providing the customer an enhanced and unique experience, moreover the associated  equipped with sensors, the greenhouse is able to measure and visualize the improvement of air quality.

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