Fabbrica dell'Aria - Baker Hughes headquarters

Fabbrica dell'Aria - Baker Hughes headquarters

The Fabbrica dell’Aria designed for  the new canteen in office in Florence, consists of a glazed envelope that occupies a space of about 36sqm. Our intervention is part of a renewal of the interior spaces, where the Air Factory, is applied allowing you to experiment with biofiliche solutions with improved air quality. The Fabbrica dell’Aria becomes a modular architectural element, which allows you to re-invent the space in which it is inserted.

This type of fda, called “Living space”, in addition to being a highly technological plant for air purification, builds and delimits an architectural space, characterized by a strong presence of plants, a transit or rest point where the user is surrounded by greenery.

Thanks to its revolutionary system of air purification through plants, the Fabbrica dell’Aria allows employees to breathe pure air while working indoor. In fact, the registered technology Stomata© amplifies plants’ ability to absorb and degrade both inorganic air pollutants (carbon dioxide, nitrogen compounds, fine dust …) and organic (the VOCs). In addition, the biophilic design and the massive presence of plants enhance environmental comfort, offering an ideal set for working acitivities and restorative breaks.

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