Green Masterplan

Green Masterplan

Plants in urban environments play a primary role in combating climate change, effectively producing concrete effects that improve climate, air and soil quality. The work of plants is silent and constant and man often does not perceive it. Indeed, in urban areas, nature is often seen as an accessory element that requires expensive care and maintenance that weigh in the coffers of administrations. The triad of publications on the theme of Nature Based Solutions and the green city of Empoli aims to overturn this reading on the role of plants in the city. The path offered by the three publications points, in fact, to a systemic involvement of every part of the community. If with ” Guidelines of Nature Based Solutions” we wanted to create a tool for the community, professionals and the administration can guide the city to a real ecological transaction, with “Strategies and actions ecosystems” we have outlined their applications throughout the urban territory, identifying new scenarios and potential solutions useful to this transaction. The latest publication “Green Benefit” closes the triptych, offering a cross-interpretation key by explaining the benefits of green in scientific and economic terms to ensure that the theme of green in urban and peri-urban areas is addressed in an almost holistic way. Only in this way, planning, design, management and community involvement will be in synergy in order to create an ecological model in which man and nature can benefit from growth.

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