Limonaia Villa Strozzi, Florence

Limonaia Villa Strozzi

The installation of PNAT chooses to use the green through an innovative and visionary language in the garden of the lemon house of Villa Strozzi, in a luxuriant environment of vegetation, where the green is already part of the scene. The concept involves suspending the plants inside transparent spheres, allowing the vision of what is not visible to the human eye every day. Different substrates of soil, insects, molds and organisms will live in symbiosis with plants, creating a complex and unique ecosystem. The set-up consists of light constructions made of larch wood elements that are easy to assemble and disassemble. The structures have a clean language, which makes them flexible for each use. The entrance portal, the stage and the administration area are made in such a way as to house the suspended plants inside them and in some points of the crops in the crate.

The suspended plants and the plants on the ground will be connected by rubber pipes for the passage of water so that the excess water, coming from the irrigation at high altitude, can be conveyed into the boxes on the ground and used without waste. The plants are almost all edible, so they can be used in the preparation of food and drinks in the administration area. The lighting will play between two types of lights: one will be used to create a unique and welcoming environment for people and the second is a lighting in shades of pink typical of the technical lighting used for greenhouses. The latter amplifies the symbiosis between nature and technology of the exhibition.

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Florence, Italy