Phytoremediation Landfill leachate - Cornia

Phytoremediation: Landfill leachate, Cornia (SI)

Nowadays, most of productive activities contribute to soil and water contamination. To solve this urgent issue, plant offer a big opportunity. Living plants and the associate microorganism are able to decrease, concentrate or remove most of contaminant elements and compounds from the environment. Phyto-remediation is a decontamination approach based on these plants’ abilities. Working with LINV, Pnat tests plants’ potential and develops high-tech solution for each situation.

With SEI Toscana (Servizi ecologici integrati) and LINV, Pnat launched a phyto-remediation 3-years project in closed landfill in the Tuscany town of Cornia (SI). The intervention involves a poplar and willow planting operation to depurate landfill leachate. Leachate is the most toxic landfill leftover; normally, it is contained, removed and stored, following an expensive practice that simply moves the problem away. Applying this plant-based and totally renewable strategy, we will have the opportunity to finally dispose leachate and save energy and money as well.

Project Info

Cornia, Siena
Sei Toscana