Re Watering

Re Watering is a simple system to grow plants indoor. It is an artwork consisting of three ovules and a column made of ceramic as well as an ingenious system to continuously recycle water in order to irrigate a small vegetable garden. Most part of the pieces is handmade and self-produced. Re-Watering is a system to grow your own small kitchen garden. Mint, lettuce, basil, strawberries as well as ornamental plants will grow in your house or in your working space. It will take up little space and allow you to have fresh vegetables and aromatic or ornamental plants all year long!

Re Watering is a closed system, thus does not pollute the environment. It reduce the use of pesticide against parasites (which usually live in the soil) and avoid the use of weedkiller. It also contribute to purify your air. During the photosynthesis process, plants emit oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. In addition many plants are able to remove pollutants present in every house: formaldehyde, ammonia and benzene, coming from paints, detergents, smoke and computer monitors. Plants can purify the air and increase your well being and attention. It will be also increased by the white noise of water. Hearing the soft swish of water can contribute to create a relaxing mood and to increase concentration during studying and working activities.


Photo credits: Giulio Boem. Graphics: Studio Orange

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