Thailand Biennale 2021, Korat

Thailand Biennale

Talking God is an art installation developed in two locations that are connected to each other. The first location is at the Rmuti Faculty of Fine Arts and Industrial Design, while the seconde one is at the  Banyan Tree inside Wat Payap temple.

At the University, the aim is to create an environment where visitors can live a unique experience. Within a glass pavillion, the visitors will feel as a part of the vegetation. They will be completely surrounded by plants, which generate pure air and create an incredibly high-level quality environment. At the same time, visitors will be in contact with the Banyan tree located in the second site. Through some sensors stucked on one sacred tree, some electrical signals will be sent to the pavillon and will control lights to turn on and off depending on pulses coming from the sensors. Thus, the lights give voice to the big Ban Yan Tree.

At the Banyan Tree inside the Wat Payap temple, a screen will be installed, showing the indoor space of the pavillion.

In this way the loop closes and visitors in both locations are connected to each other.

Project Info

Korat, Thailand