Pnat (Project Nature) is an emerging think tank of designers and plant scientists with the aim of conceiving creative solutions based on evidence. Pnat uses the comprehension of plants patterns and behaviors to inspire innovative design concepts and products, from the small to the building scale. Our preferred field of action is the built environment and our solutions aims at integrating plants within people’s city, house and lifestyle. The goal is to set up synergic relationships and to provoke mutual exchanges between the natural and the artificial environment, which is the main theme of sustainable design.

Pnat is a spin-off company of University of Florence and can relay on unmatched experimentations realized in one of the world’s most important research center on plants, the International Laboratory for Plant Neurobiology (LINV) directed by the preeminent scientist Stefano Mancuso. He is one of the co-founders of Pnat, together with the botanists and agronomists Elisa Azzarello, Camilla Pandolfi and Elisa Masi, and the architects Antonio Girardi and Cristiana Favretto. The last ones are also the founders of Studiomobile, a design office specialized in creating multifunctional solutions and innovative imaginaries.

Our preferred field of action is the urban environment and we develop innovative solutions and concepts based on plant research to improve people’s city, house and lifestyle.

Due to its multidisciplinary approach, Pnat speaks the language of biologists, designers, environmental and social scientists and business entrepreneurs. Pnat provides consultancy services and scientific/artistic direction for businesses, promotes educational and curatorial activities for public administrations and institutes, and develops design solutions for private companies and NGOs.

Pnat has been awarded many international prizes, including the EU UIA (Urban Innovative Action) with the City of Prato for Urban Jungle Project (winner, 2019); Golden Compass prize (finalist, 2018); the UN and CNR (Centro Nazionale di Ricerca) “Innovative ideas and technologies for agribusiness” prize (winner, 2015); Horizon 2020 “SME Instrument Phase 1” (Phase 1 winner, 2015); “New entrepreneurial talents” prize from the Italian Ministry of Agriculture (winner, 2015); UN “Ideas for change” prize (winner, 2015).


Prof. Stefano Mancuso
Team coordination and dissemination activities

Camilla Pandolfi, PhD
Chief executive officer and IPR manager

Antonio Girardi, PhD, Architect
Architect, Chief technical officer

Cristiana Favretto, Architect
Chief communication officer

Elisa Masi, PhD
Chief Research officer

Elisa Azzarello, PhD
Chief administrative officer