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Plants are essential for ecological transition that cities are facing in this historical moment, characterized by the great climate changes taking place. We increasingly use terms such as “biophilic design” or “green urbanism” in which design is understood as a practice that takes inspiration from nature, to develop solutions that improve the environment and quality of life in our cities. Until now, plants were incorporated into urban scale projects for mostly aesthetic or street furniture reasons. In recent times have we understood that the integration of plant systems in the city is one of the most efficient alternatives we have to deal with problems related to water regimentation, soil stabilization, increasing temperatures and air quality. In this guidebook designed for the Municipality of Prato, but also applicable to other urban areas, we talk about “Plant-based Solutions”, solutions that use plants and trees to solve some specific problems of cities. The expression used in the title is a deformation of the term Nature-based Solution, normally used in scientific literature. While referring to this area of codified discipline, right from the title we chose to place the accent on plants, to highlight that it is vegetation, more than other natural elements, that makes the difference and makes our cities healthier and more sustainable.

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